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Original: 6/4/2008 10:00 PM

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Call of Duty 4 weapon chart, with the most relevant values that can be easily understood. And loads of other stuff now.
The charts are near the bottom of this post, but I put all the text first so you'd READ IT.
The numbers on the chart don't mean anything if you don't read all of this.
Gun kick acceleration, linear interpolation speed and spread decay - they aren't important.
You can see those effects clearly in action just by using the weapon in game.
If you DO want to see those numbers, go to the "EncyClanPedia"

I obtained the weapon information from the files of the PC version.
Specifically the iw_11.iwd archive in the /main folder.
These numbers also apply to both 360 and PS3 versions.

I haven't used any other source but the game itself, in both reading the game code and testing it myself, with others, also testing from console players who have confirmed my numbers.
Anything I hear or read second-hand about the game, I try to confirm it myself.
I change things regularaly (oops) in case of errors or new information, old charts may be circulating elsewhere.

I don't care about copyright - take the images, don't (or do) credit me.
Actually most people know about this now, you probably should link the page and not post the images elsewhere... Just so anybody won't be up in arms like you were stealing them or something.
I do not frequent and am not a member of any game or related messageboards or communities.
I read feedback from forums that link to me and may make a comment (if the place doesn't require registration just to read).
I do not play under the handle "DenKirson" in COD4.


Every weapon is well balanced to the point that you can use any weapon and it will be "the best".
Just because one gun has more damage per second than another doesn't mean that weapon is "weaker".
There are many more things that just damage or rate of fire or a number chart can't explain.
Each weapon has different handling that suits different players and play styles. Things that cannot be explained, only experienced first-hand.
These differences can be recognized, understood, and with use you will come to find the "best" gun for you.
Use every gun - find the one that you like best and it will be your best.


The little bars for the primary attributes are vague, lump together several factors to define one "attribute" and in some cases, are wrong.
The game doesn't refer to the actual weapon data to make the bars; the "attributes" are pre-set little graphics that only appear when you highlight the weapon.

Examples of wrong: M4 and G36c do the same damage per bullet. Uzi has a faster rate of fire and the same damage per bullet as the P90.

Example of vague: "Range" in the little bars refers to several things that are unrelated to one another. Equipping an ACOG increases Range while a Silencer decreases it - this is misleading, as a Silencer is known to "weaken" bullets that travel far. So the scope would increase the damage range at which the bullet will still be going strong? It increases zoom, and that is why "range" is shown to be increased, even though damage over distance isn't affected with ACOG.

Also there is no such thing as a "range bug", the Skorpion and pistol bullets travel forever at their minimum damage just like every other weapon (except shotguns, by design).


Intended effects
-LMG Grips improve View Kick Center Speed (camera returning to where you were aiming) by a small but effective amount.
-Shotgun Grips decrease overall View Kick.
-ACOG scopes, when sighted, set ZoomFOV to 30, which is about 2x.
ACOG also changes AimAssistRange (only applicable to console; PC has auto-aim disabled) to 2000, an improvement for all weapons except the sniper rifles.


Some weapons have differences in themselves with some attachments, or are different from all other weapons.
These differences may be intentional or erroneous (at least one is), IW knows which is which.

-M249 SAW with a Grip has improved Hip Accuracy (Between Assault and SMG hip accuracies)
-AK47's damage is 40-20 when equipped with a Silencer or Red Dot
-AK-74u when equipped with a Silencer or Red Dot has the hip accuracy of the assault rifles
-Remington 700, when sighted, has an ADSIdleAmount of 60 in which it moves around more compared to the other four sniper rifles (40)
-M40A3 with an ACOG does 75 damage
-G3 with a Silencer has an erroneously long Melee Delay, longer than the stabbing animation, so the melee attack does not work


April 13:Removed the Penetration section to thin down the chart. Penetration is far more complex than just that one weapon-related thing.

There are twenty eight different materials with varying levels of protection. Most materials have the exact same amount of protection, so there are really only about six levels of protection ranging from next-to-none to impenetrable. Most brick walls cut damage down to around 20%, so 40 damage would only be eight on the other side.

There are three levels of penetration applied to weapons: Small, Medium, Large. Statistically, there are next to no differences between Medium and Large.
Small can only penetrate the weakest of materials without Deep Impact, and then can peck at enemies through brick and plaster with Deep Impact.

Because Medium and Large are nearly the same, there are virtually only two levels of Penetration (Small and Large).
Pistols, SMGs and Shotguns all have Small Penetration (excpetion of Desert Eagle and AK74U).
All LMGs, Sniper Rifles and Assault Rifles are Large.

Angle is the most affecting factor. Straight on, that brick wall will cut down that 40 damage to 8. At about a 20° angle, that 8 will be further cut down to 4, and at 45°, 1 damage. More than 45°, the bullet will not penetrate. Only some wood and flimsy sheet metal can be penetrated at greater than 45° (they also only cut damage down to about 70%).

After passing through the material and travelling 384~ units/inches, the bullet will begin losing damage over distance all the way down to 1, this includes sniper rifles and LMGs.

DEEP IMPACT is very powerful. Not only is the damage retained doubled (ie 20% 8 damage becomes 40% 16 damage), but the angle at which you can penetrate is doubled (penetration from nearly a 90° angle and 45° becomes the new 20° and that improved 16 would be cut back down to 8).


April 17: Adding a chart section regarding the Helicopter and exploding vehicles/oil drums, below the Explosives section.
A bit of elaboration since the boxes in the chart were small.

Helicopters enter the map from one of several directions and travel between pre-determined points (with a bit of randomness) around the map until it loops back to the beginning.
The loop lasts at least one minute, give or take a while depending on the map.
After losing about half of its health, the helicopter engages "Evasive Maneuvers" state and is "weakened" against bullets, which now do full damage against it.
It will randomize its the path for a moment, then travel from point to point more quickly and spend less time hovering in place.
After letting loose a burst from its vulcan minigun, it has a two second reload time.

Helicopters assess threat through several factors:
Distance from Helicopter - Closest gets threat
Has attacked Helicopter - Most recent attacker gets threat
Weapon Class - RPG-7, Assault, LMG > SMG, Scopes, shotguns.
Player Score - Highest scoring player in view gets threat.
Whoever has the highest combined threat from these four factors will be the helicopter's Primary Target.

Cars have a total of 1300 health, cut into multiple states.
The first totaling 550 health, the next of 750 health. Once the car takes 550 damage, it catches fire and loses 60 of its 750 points of damage per second, and will explode once its health runs out.
The splash damage of explosives are scaled up against cars so a single blast can detonate or set it on fire immediately.


April 24: "Why would I use the G36c when the M4 looks so much better by the numbers?"
New section for the G36c's special ability below the charts and the Hip Spread section.

April 30: Nothing has been changed. Oh, the timestamp.
Know how many people only look at the timestamp, read December 17, and think the chart is outdated or something?
Nothing has been changed in the game with the exception of the excess sprint time.

May 11: A couple of things I think could be helpful. Just gonna stick it right here.
Melee Attack (or slash) has a range of 64 units and will make contact if the target is in a ten degree radius from the center of the screen.
Melee Charge (or stab) reaches 128 units of measurement and will auto-target anything in the center half of the screen.
In order to do a regular Attack, the enemy must be inside the 64 unit range, else the Charge will activate.

Because of the delay between bursts, the M16's rate of fire is effectively cut down to 450 Rounds Per Minute but the three rounds in themselves are fired at a speed of 925 RPM.

Moving sideways will only allow the player to move 0.8 times the total maximum (forward) speed.
Moving backwards will only allow the player to move 0.7 times the total maximum (forward) speed.


May 18: Just a cosmetic change. Switched out my blocky stand-crouch-prone images and threw in the ones used by Call of Duty 4 in single player on the weapons thing.

May 21: New section regarding "Reload Add Cancelling" below the G36c section.

May 27: Cut and paste of the Gun/Perk images and Range from other posts at the bottom.

June 05: PC patch with the four new maps is here, going to redo the flash now.

June 30: Added a little image below the Range explanation, above the Reload Add Time.


Stock Player health is 100.

Hardcore changes:
-Health lowered to 30 (weapons are not changed in any way)
-No visible HUD

Old School changes several things:
-Health increased to 200
-Jump Height increased, landing slowdown disabled
-Weapon/Class Selection disabled, all spawn with a Skorpion and M9, must pick up weapons/perks that spawn on the map

YES, IT IS 1200.

The percentages for Stopping Power, Sonic boom and Juggernaut are mostly irrelevant. A simple explanation:
Juggernaut was designed so that you survive take one more shot from any weapon.
Stopping Power was designed so that you would need to make one less hit with any weapon to score a kill.
Even without the literal cancelling-out, the two are perfectly balanced against each other.
If you use a whole magazine to kill one guy, it isn't because of Juggernaut. Your aim sucks.

Sonic Boom increases damage just enough for Hand Grenades to kill even at the very edge of the indicator range (which isn't really that much further). Other explosive items aren't given that significant a boost.

Hip Accuracy is simple enough. Draw a circle that touches all four crosshairs, and the bullet will land within that circle.
Steady Aim improves accuracy by shrinking the diameter and tightening the crosshairs to 65%.

A test, PC screen resolution of 1680x1050.
Using the SAW's hip accuracy of 10, that way it is easier to calculate.
Two screenshots, with and without Steady Aim. A simple measurement, and the crosshairs have closed in at approximately 66% of their original distance.
Scaling the circles to any other weapon's crosshairs results in the same change in accuracy.

Using a mod for PC, I changed the hip spread of the SAW's 10 to 6.6, and it appeared a pixel too large.
Change to 6.5 and it is a perfect match to a 10 + Steady Aim.
End result: 65% hip accuracy exactly.
Also, found the relevant number for Perk_HipSpreadMultiplier. It is 65.


There are four weapons in the Assault and SMG classes that "idle" WHEN SIGHTED:
The AK47, the M4, the AK74u and the G36c
The first three all move from the center of the screen at the same speed and radius WHEN SIGHTED. The fourth is unique.
Not only does the G36c deviate far less WHEN SIGHTED, it moves slower AND stance improves its steadyness WHEN SIGHTED.

The hard numbers don't matter, saying they do 40 (means 4 degrees in any direction from the center) at 1.5 speed (miles per hour? I dunno) won't make a bit of sense, I'm just showing them to explain it:
The values involved are called ADSIdleAmount, ADSIdleSpeed and ADSIdle[Stance]Factor.

I'll just address the M4.
M4 has a universal ADS Idle Speed of 1.5 and an Amount of 40, all attachments included (ACOG too).
G36c has 70% the Amount (28) and nearly half the speed (0.8) of the M4 when Standing.
Crouching, the G36c's idle Amount is half (21) and the speed is almost a third (0.6) of the M4.
Prone, it'll barely move at a fourth and fifth of amount and speed (11, 0.3).

The G36c is very steady when aiming down the sights compared to the other fully-automatic rifles.
Even moreso if crouched or prone.

Before anybody asks: No Sniper rifle or ACOG moves around less if crouched or prone. (oh hey, new discrepancy)
The G36c (+ attachments, ACOG included) is the only Primary Weapon that benefits from different Idle Stance Factors.
The RPG-7 benefits from less idling with stances, but that doesn't improve the accuracy or random twisting and turning of the rocket.
The pistols Idle at nearly the same rate as the G36c and have slightly improved steadyness when crouched or prone.


Simple explanation of Range:

Also, because there are still so many people whining about the grenade launcher (but only complaining about the frequency of the hand grenade), a comparison between the blast radius of the grenade launcher and the hand grenade.

The hand grenade has absolutely no deviation and can be fielded over warehouses in Pipeline, several buildings in urban maps with far more accuracy than the grenade launcher could hope to achieve. The Hand grenade is effective at any range, the grenade launcher is really only effective at short range, and at any range nearly has to be right on top of the enemy to kill them.



Reloading in Call of Duty has a unique element. This has existed since Call of Duty 1.

A variable known as ReloadAddTime marks the point at which ammunition is added into the weapon during the Reload time.
Shorter than the full Reload time, a Reload Cancel after the Add time is up can stop the rest of the reload animation and have loaded the ammunition, effectively cutting off up to a full second for most weapons.

Not only does the add time apply to regular Reloading, but also to Empty Reloading, meaning that a Reload Add Cancel can eliminate the extra time needed to rechamber the empty weapon.

Reload Cancel is easy to do: just Sprint, Melee, or Switch Weapons while reloading.
Cancel after the ammo counter fills up = shortened reload.
It can be done with Sleight of Hand, but with the speed of the perk, Add Cancelling will barely cut off any time than if it simply completed the reload animation.

There are three ways to cancel reloading and get the weapon ready whether or not it has loaded the ammunition:
-Melee Attack
-Switch Weapons

Melee has a long recovery (longer than what the Add Time would cut off) and should only be used to cancel if intending to attack.
Sprint and Switch compete for speed. In the end, Sprint gives the shortest possible cancel time and allows the player full mobility instead of waiting for the weapon switch to be able to Sprint.

Reload Add Cancel is useful for just about every weapon.


All the Perks in individual images, and two that were unused.

AT-4 ; Redundant to have two rocket launchers.
Binoculars / Expose Enemy ; Binoculars are useless on these tiny maps and UAV more than makes up for it.

Weapon Images used in the Weapon Selection. Also, just because, the ammunition type and amounts.
Weapons of the same Ammo Type can share their ammo; carrying both, your Maximum Ammo increases to the sum of both maximums. ie MP5 + M9 pistol starts you off with 90 rounds and has a Max of 270.
Starting Ammunition is often three magazines (loaded mag included), and the Maximum is double the Starting, or six magazines worth (loaded Mag not included).
Bandolier gives you the Maximum plus a loaded magazine. ie a SAW has 300 + the loaded 100 belt.

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